• Sarah Levitt integrates two decades of business experience with a keen ability to see the individual and their impact on an organization. She has helped senior executives, established entrepreneurs, and cutting edge thinkers identify their talents and strengths and make the most of their vast technical and business knowledge in ways that are meaningful to them and valuable to their organizations. She founded her company on the belief that whole, thriving people make the most capable and effective leaders, in business and in life.

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Karen Clark
Director, Red Hat University Sales College


“Sarah’s presentation was engaging, emotional and informative, and the entire audience was leaning in and hanging on to her words.  It’s obvious that she’s a master of her domain with a command of the issues.”

Todd Jones, SVP/Partner
Captrust Financial Advisors


· Improved Morale

· Higher Productivity
· Better performance
· Enhanced team cohesion
· Better client service
· Lower turnover
· Increased engagement
· Reduced Stress

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