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PL8_7542_webSarah Levitt integrates two decades of business experience with a keen ability to see the individual and their impact on an organization.

She blends finely tuned active listening skills, evidence-based principles in positive psychology, tested coaching practices, and practical economics into her customized coaching.  Sarah works with individual senior executives to help them excel and become more effective by enhancing personal and professional self-awareness, identifying and utilizing leadership strengths and values, questioning limiting narratives, and building communication skills and strategies.  She is described by clients as a guide and partner in their success.

The business benefits are many — enhanced performance and productivity, greater team cohesion and communication, increased engagement among employees, and improved morale.  And the personal rewards are innumerable – deeper connection to those people that matter the most, invigorated relationships, and enriched purpose and satisfaction in the work of leadership.

Sarah helps senior executives make the most of their vast technical and business knowledge in ways that are meaningful to them as individuals and valuable to their organizations.

“My time and sessions with Sarah have been invaluable to me.  I came to her thinking I needed to make immediate changes in my life, particularly in my career.  Sarah helped me to think about things in a way that had not occurred to me.  She helped me sort through and make sense of my scrambled thoughts, the seemingly disconnected paths I was considering (turns out they were not disconnected at all!), and to reflect seriously not only on what I want to do, but what I want to get from it.  She showed me that it’s not always the “what” you are doing, but the “why” that is important.  I discovered a lot about myself through this journey and am now exploring exciting new avenues that I frankly I don’t think would have occurred to me when we started.  Sarah doesn’t give you all the answers… she makes you work hard and dig deep to find them yourself.  I find myself using something she has told me all the time – at work, with my children, and in other parts of my life.  I can’t say enough about how valuable my time with her has been.”



All coaching relationships begin with an exploratory welcome session to discuss the coaching process, clarify goals and outcomes, and establish a rapport and best fit.  

For Senior Executives

Designed to meet the needs of those with full schedules and significant responsibilities, this customized coaching program is set up to support individual executives who run organizations and to deliver coaching services when they’re needed.  With a specific focus on building leadership capabilities, overcoming business obstacles, dealing with conflict, enhancing communication strategies and generating improved performance and effectiveness, these coaching services span both personal and professional development.

For Senior Executives and Professionals Considering Career Transition

Designed for those considering a different professional direction and who want a confidante, guide, sounding board, and independent ear as they explore options, discuss opportunities, and weigh alternatives.  Using active listening, a strengths and values assessment, and skilled questioning, Sarah works with each client to understand their goals, help them gain clarity and create the positive results they want.

For Practitioners and Coaches

Designed to deliver strategic, individualized business coaching for coaches and practitioners interested in significantly building or growing their practices.  Not a one size fits all approach; this is customized coaching to help each individual practitioner meet their specific business goals and outcomes.

“I got more out of coaching with Sarah in one month than I did in a whole year with other business coaches”

Raleigh, NC

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