Getting Naked…

…is the title of a new book that I’m reading.  Patrick Lencioni’s premise is that although facades of perfection may be the norm in business, they actually work against our success, and it’s vulnerability or what he calls “getting naked” that is the true foundation of long term client loyalty and trust.  I knew it was time to find a copy when two people from very different arenas of life, one a CEO in the medical device industry and the other, a writer, mentioned it to me.

If you’ve already read it, send me an email and let me know your thoughts.  I’m about half way through,and I’ll keep you posted…

And, in one of those strange coincidences, a book with an almost identical title explores the world of post-divorce dating.  Judith Sills, PhD, is a psychologist who writes with humor and insight in Getting Naked Again and makes you feel like you’re having a sit-down with your wise Aunt Judy while reading it.

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